Announcement Funeral Service

Rev. Yawjawng Hawng Hkawng (Kunle) at the age of 94 deceased at 10:30 pm, on Sunday, on July 2, 2017 in Myitkyina. He had served at the Northern Kachin Leveis (NKL), Burma Scout and Inter Service Liaison Department Force from 1942-1945. His Burma Scout number was 241; NKL-70092 and ISLD-135. The surviving family members regret to announce the death of our beloved Rev. Yawjawng Hawng Hkawng. Those who had served together with him in the service: Capt;-P-Steven, all friends and sympathizers are cordially invited. The funeral service will be held on July 4th, 2017.


Beloved Son,

Yawjawng Dai Hkawng

[email protected]

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